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Longing for the summer - a sneak peek of the upcoming Summer Moods collection.

Posted on 01 February 2017

I am beginning to miss summer and the seeing the garden full of flowers and buzzing insects, so I thought the theme for the upcoming Summer Moods collection will be excatly that. Ornate insects and flowers. And it also led me to rediscover microcosmos of insects, and their amazing structures.

As I enjoy sculpting ornate swirls and leaves, I decided to deviate a little in terms of anatomy with by adding swirly filigree wings and tiny decorations which will look stunning in the final silver jewellery. 

Silver butterfly pendant

Starting out I designed a silver butterfly pendant to be, and here you see the 3d printed model for casting in sterling silver. A separate bail attaches to the top part (not shown on this picture).

Silver butterfly pendant to be


Silver dragonfly pendant

Once I got into the anatomy of insects, I couldn't help but noticing the dragonfly. These creatures always fascinated me with their excellent flying abilities. And I often tried to catch them as a child, although I don't think I ever succeeed because they have a 360 degree field of vision. Although ferocious predators with mandibles designed to crush and chew other insects, their large round eyes and striking colours give them an almost cute cartoonish appearence  when you study them up close. The very thin and structure of the dragonfly's wings would be difficult to cast if I were to stay true to the anatomy of this insect. So I decided to create a silver dragonfly pendant in that ornate filigree style, as you can see in the image below.

Dragonfly Pendant

Silver dragonfly pendant

That is all for now. I will return with more updates as soon as I get these casted.


Got some good news for you about the butterfly and dragonfly pendants

It has really been far too long, but I have been so busy with other areas of this business that it took me a good while to send these off for casting. They are currently on their way to me, and reportedly came out well. There is always an element of risk when casting jewellery, and these were particularly thin and fragile models with their thin insect legs, which was a cause for concern. But I can't wait to show you more in a couple of days when I have them.
The batch also included a gryphon ring which is a little out of place in the collection of floral imagery, but I will find a good spot for it.

I will return in a couple of days with a new post and images.

 And here they finally are

As you can see they need a bit of work to look like silver jewellery. The small loose parts that are bails, where the chain runs through. They will be attached to the top of the pendant with a tiny hinged joint.


Casted silver dragonfly and butterfly pendants
Dragonfly pendant raw


The (Almost) finished Dragonfly Pendant

I have almost completed the dragonfly pendant, and here it is. I gave it some oxidation to bring out the tiny detail. I know that some people prefer silver without oxidation, but I just find that it looks bland and generic, and you cannot see the detail at all. I also really like the slightly darker colour of oxidated silver. I generally only apply it lightly.
The dragonfly pendant really didn't really need that much work because the casting quality is excellent. With polishing there is always some loss of detail, and I wanted to preserve that as much as possible.

Silver dragonfly pendant by Phaenna Jewellery


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