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Jewellery really can be ornate art that you wear, and so it should be. And its sole purpose is to be beautiful and admired – it wants to be seen.

As a jewellery designer I seek inspiration from nature, ancient medieval and renaissance illuminations and ornaments, and the organic curvy styles of art nouveau, adding a modern touch. I love ornaments and floral swirls, and I always wanted to see these transferred to jewellery.
Designing a new piece jewellery is always exciting. It is really all about bringing something exceptional into the world, and perfecting its beauty. When I sculpt the jewellery pieces I never quite know what I end up with. It is like a journey into unknown territory composed of tiny details and larger planes. Finishing the jewellery by hand is quite a joyful experience too, seing it really take shape and come to life in the final metal state. Even if two pieces are made from the same model, the are never the excact same.They always have their own personality. The proces is kind of like telling a story in my mind, imagining creating the most beautiful jewellery ever made. A bit like some of us did when we were kids while drawing (only without talking out loud at the same time).

Jewellery is magical

Perhaps that does sound little far out. Yet, that is the amazingly simple truth, once you know the proces.  And that is what attracted me to creating jewellery most of all. The process of creating something beautiful from nothing. It is really fascinating how something starts as just an inspired concept or a thought and takes shape through many states and finally becomes a physical piece for jewellery. Starting with just a thought and a concept, each piece is sculpted with great attention to the components: light, reflections and planes. These three components are of great importance when it comes to sculpting, and this is especially true for metal, due to its highly reflective qualities. So light plays a huge role.
This special manufacturing process has enabled me to create highly detailed pieces of sculpted jewellery. And that is exactly what jewellery is and should be... tiny sculptures for you to collect, treasure and wear for years to come. Jewellery sculptures which at the same time adds a touch of magic and uniqueness to 
your style. Even on those days where you don't quite know what to wear.

When we create things we put all over focus and intent into it. We imagine what it will look like finished and loved by someone.  I think once you know and understand this process behind creating things, no mass-produced piece will ever be enough. So why not choose something special?

I want for you to feel just as surprised and joyful as you explore new jewellery designs with me and discover how wearing these sculpted treasures can become a part of your own unique expression.


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