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Behind the scenes

Here is how the sculpted jewellery is made.

Before I can even think of selling the pieces of jewellery, many hours of work go into creating and refining them. It all starts with the sculpted piece which is set up and printed in a special wax resin, that is suitable for casting. And then that is casted in precious metal. Once they are ready, they look nothing like finished pieces of jewellery, at all. They have sprues from where they was attached to the casting tree, and the metal is rough and white. The sprues have to removed with a saw, and the piece has to be grinded, filed and reshaped around that area. The rest of it is undergoing a similiar treatment, and being inspected thoroughly for any defects.

On the picture below you can see what the pieces look like just after they were casted and cleaned. They still need a lot of refining and polishing to begin resembling their finished state.


Silver ring in progress

 The highly polished mirror shine that you see in some of the finished pieces take many stages to reach, and it is so satisfying when you finally get there. 



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