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"One early morning as you walked through the woodland in the dewy grass on a velvety mound of moss right ahead of you, you saw something shiney, sparkling brightly in the morning sun. And as you went to pick it up you saw it was a ring. A silver ring - still wet with dew drops. It was not just a dirty old ring that someone dropped. This thing looked like it was not even made in this world, like it was made by other creatures who saw the world completely differently from us, and the artwork was so detailed and sublime that it would have taken ages to do that by hand. And where the sunlight hit the silver, it gleamed so brightly that it almost didn't look like solid matter. The moment you put on the ring you knew you had found something exceptional, because it made you feel so very special, almost untouchable. Not in a defensive way, but in the way you feel when you wear something that is so beautiful and unique that it really transforms and enhances you. Not just in looks, but because of how it makes you feel inside. Just like when you are in love. And you knew from now on that whenever you needed it, you only had to put on this ring to in order to remember how to feel exceptional and unique again."






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